Health Assessments for patients aged 75+

Health Assessments for patients aged 75+

If you have recently turned 75 or will turn 75 in the coming year, you will likely be invited for an annual Health Assessment with your Doctor and Practice Nurse.

An initiative of the Department of Health and fully funded by Medicare, annual health assessments are designed to identify health issues and conditions that are potentially preventable and to reduce your risk of hospitalisation.

A broad range of questions and examinations are performed to provide your Doctor with a complete overview of your physical, mental and social health and overall quality of life.

Based on this assessment, your Doctor and Practice Nurse can assess the need for additional services to help keep you well and maintain independent living. This could include home help, taxi concessions, disabled parking applications, mobility aids, specialist referrals and medication management. They can also assist in linking you in with community groups for social gatherings.

We encourage you to participate in these annual assessments and to speak to your Doctor or Practice Nurse for more information.

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