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An Aclasta infusion (Zolendronic Acid Infusion) is a procedure involving a medication prescribed by your general practitioner or specialist given by intravenous infusion    for the treatment of Osteoporosis.

The procedure is performed by our trained nurses, overseen by your regular GP at the clinic.

Your GP or specialist will give you a prescription for the medication at a prior appointment, where you will have also discussed the suitability of this medication for your individual circumstances. Please get this prescription filled at your pharmacy and bring the medication to your infusion appointment.

Please allow at least 1 hour for the procedure. This includes time for IV cannulation, the infusion as well as observation post infusion.

On the day of your infusion, please drink 2 extra glasses of water before you come for your appointment. Take your normal medications and eat breakfast/lunch beforehand. Wear clothes that are easily able to have the sleeve rolled up.

Aclasta Infusion Fees:

Total fee on the day: $302.00  Medicare rebate: $41.20  Out-of-pocket cost: $260.80

Please arrange an appointment with your usual doctor to discuss your suitability for this procedure.

Appointments can be made online, via the AMS Connect app or by calling reception on 03 9509 7633.