My Health Record (MHR)

My Health Record (MHR)



‘A secure, legislated, patient-controlled, electronic summary of an individual’s key health information, able to be accessed by authorised individuals and registered healthcare providers involved in a person’s care anywhere in Australia at any time.’

Some Facts

  1. Opt out period ended 31st of January, and if you haven’t already opted out you will automatically be set up with a MHR.
  2.  MHR Amendment (strengthening privacy) Bill 2018.
    a) Consumers can choose to have or cancel a MHR at any point in their life.
    b) Cancelling a MHR will now permanently delete their record, including any backups.
    c) All records that have previously been cancelled will also be permanently deleted from the system.
    d) If a person changes their mind, they can choose to register for a record to enjoy the benefits of controlling their health information securely in one place so support their health care.
  3. The use of MHR for insurance and employment purposes is not healthcare therefore is not authorised.
  4.  No information within MHR can be released to law enforcement or government agencies without an order from a judicial officer. To date, the Agency has never received such a request and has never released information.
  5.  Authorised representative no longer has default access to MHR when a child turns 14 years.
  6.  Protections for domestic violence victims has been strengthened.

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