Immunisation clinics and Health checks

Immunisation clinics and Health checks


We would like to thank all our patients during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic for responding to the many changes to ensure staff and patient safety are being met at the highest level.

During the Covid19 pandemic we have been running childhood immunisation clinics twice a month with a doctor and a practice nurse. We have had a good response to the childhood immunisation clinics and will continue to run the clinics throughout the year.  These clinics allow us to provide a safe environment with a doctor and nurse in full PPE, minimizing the face to face contact as much as possible.

Within our childhood immunisation clinic, we offer the option of a health check with the doctor to check the growth and development of your child along with giving the scheduled childhood immunisations. The health check is a 15 minute appointment which allows the doctor to complete a comprehensive assessment.

The timing of childhood immunisations is very important.  They need to be given on the due date or soon after but not before. If you are unsure of the timing of the vaccination schedule for childhood immunisations please refer to your maternal health and child book, speak to your maternal health nurse, doctor or practice nurse.

Our practice nurses ensure childhood vaccinations are added to our reminder system and you will be informed of your child’s next due immunisation, usually by text message.

If your child requires a Bexsero vaccine (meningococcal B) please ensure your child receives a dose of paracetamol 30 minutes prior to the appointment time and will require two more doses six hours apart.The  Bexsero vaccine will incur an additional fee.

The fee for the comprehensive health check and immunisation is $70.00 with a rebate of $38.20. For immunisation alone there will not be an out of pocket fee.

Pre-school comprehensive health check

 We also offer a pre-school comprehensive health check at age 4.5-5.5 years.  This is a valuable opportunity to ensure all aspects of your child’s health and development are the best they can be prior to commencing school, with any problems averted.   These checks are carried out by a Nurse and Doctor with special interests and qualifications in this area.

With MHS (Maternal Health Services) discharging children at 3.5 years the timing of this Health Check pre-school commencement is important.  Parents will be given information about this Health Check at their 4 year old vaccination.

The areas we look at are:

  • Measure height and weight
  • Check eyesight and hearing

 Discussion around the following:

  • Oral health
  • Toilet habits
  • Eating habits
  • Physical activity
  • Speech and language development (talking to child during consult)
  • Behaviour development
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Home environment
  • Safety
  • Immunisation up to date

Children will spend 20 minutes with the nurse and 20 minutes with the doctor. The fee for this check will be $120 with an out of pocket cost of $44.95. As always, if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our qualified nurse immunisers about anything related to vaccinations or school health checks please do not hesitate to call. Peta, Robyn, Esther.

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