Changes to Telehealth Fees from 1st October 2020

Changes to Telehealth Fees from 1st October 2020



Telehealth has been extended for another 6 months to March 2021.

We strongly support the choice for patients of telephone or video consultations as well as face to face consultations as we all continue to manage this pandemic.

The Government directive to bulk bill certain patient groups will cease and from the 1st October our normal fees will apply.  We want our patients to know while we are very grateful for this Government change as it will secure the viability of our practice, we are also aware that some of our patients will be under significant financial distress due to the pandemic and encourage these patients to speak directly with their Doctors.

Many of our patients have expressed the hope that telehealth will be a service we continue to provide, and we have made the decision that we will offer telephone and video consultations for our patients ongoing.

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