Coordinated communication optimising patient care

Coordinated communication optimising patient care

Make sure you ask to have any investigations/results copied in to your treating Doctors

Historically patients saw one general practitioner (GP) for most of their life. Now, patients may see more than one GP. Sometimes it may be convenient for patients to see one GP close to work and another close to home. Some people reside in more than one location during the year and see a different GP in each place. Whatever the reason, it is invaluable for all treating GPs and other relevant doctors to receive copies of any results of investigations that may ensue from each consultation.

This is particularly important for follow up appointments, allowing your Doctor to be informed at the time of your consultation, and avoiding the need to search for results of investigations performed elsewhere. Enabling results to be made available to all treating GPs and other relevant doctors can reduce unnecessary duplication of investigations, and allow recurrent health issues eg urinary tract infections or chronic conditions such as diabetes to be consistently monitored.

Patients can play a vital role in their health management by reminding their doctors to send copies of investigation results and any other relevant correspondence to other doctors involved in their care.

Dr Jenny Butterley


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